Key Features of UFO led highbay light

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Key Features of UFO led highbay light

●IP65 protection level
●Working temperature: -30°C ~ + 45°C
●Installation: Rack mounting & Hook hanging
●Angle for flexible bracket : 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150° .
●Ideal mounting height: 8-15 m
●Wide aluminum plate design, heat dissipation fast and evenly
●Glass cover or PC convex cover
●Certified product : ETL ; DLC ; SAA ; TUV-CE ; CB
●Configurable Smart Dimming
●Meanwell HLG Series led driver
●Luminous efficiency: 110-125 lm/w
●Nichia 3030 & Philips 3030 , Ra> 80; LM80 standard
●Unique designed UFO shape , lighter and smaller

Warehouse; industrial production workshop; pavilion; stadium; the train

station; shopping malls; gas stations and other indoor lighting

LED Panel Light Indoor Application

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Led Tube in indoor lighting applications are at a preliminary stage, this is because the cost is too high lumen factor, for another, LED panel light too few types of indoor lighting, lighting designers suffer no choice, but Indoor lighting products are promoted to the obstacle. Think, LED panel light indoor lighting product development and promotion should focus on the following five areas:

1, products

Interior Lighting the traditional lamp can be called under various names, Led panel light, Led tube, Led spotlight, such as commercial lighting and the composition of the two major areas of home lighting, indoor lighting dominate the direction, but now applied to indoor lighting LED products is LEDtube, LED panel light floor tiles and other decorative lighting, other common traditional lighting LED light source applications are rare, but a huge potential market, no doubt, with the LED panel light to enhance light efficiency and lower prices, who first developed a series Led panel light products will come to occupy the market opportunities.

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The features of led street light

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1).Adopting high-power LED as light source. Energy-saving, environment protecting and long life.

2). 5mm toughened transparent glass, high temperature resisting, easy for lights penetration, transmittance as hight as 92%.

3).The radiator adopts Aluminium alloy with high thermal coefficient, Lamp surface adopts oxidation technology, corrosion-resistance and ensure the radiating.

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Dead Reason Of LED Lights

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LED packaging companies, and LED lighting manufacturer will encounter LED light phenomenon died as LED engineers how to analyze and solve these problems?

LED die light mainly due to the following two

1) LED leakage current is too large PN junction failure, the LED lit the lamp is not lit, this situation will not affect the work of other LED lights.

2) LED lights internal connection lead is disconnected, resulting in LED current through produce dead lights, this will affect the normal work of the other LED lights.

How to prevent the LED die light?

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Any Big Difference Between Home And Commercial LED Lights

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The types of LED bulbs available for use in businesses aren't much different than those designed for home use. Home and commercial LED lights work on the same principle: they contain a chip that glows when electrical power is applied. The size of the bulb, its intended use and application all determine where it is best used.

Energy Star Ratings

The energy star program was conceived to help people better understand their energy conservation options. The rating has come to symbolize a certain standard of quality. LED bulbs, commercial or domestic, are still in their early stages, and looking for products that are energy star approved may help reduce the occurrence of difficulties with poorly manufactured josun

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