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Key Features of UFO led highbay light

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Key Features of UFO led highbay light

●IP65 protection level
●Working temperature: -30°C ~ + 45°C
●Installation: Rack mounting & Hook hanging
●Angle for flexible bracket : 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150° .
●Ideal mounting height: 8-15 m
●Wide aluminum plate design, heat dissipation fast and evenly
●Glass cover or PC convex cover
●Certified product : ETL ; DLC ; SAA ; TUV-CE ; CB
●Configurable Smart Dimming
●Meanwell HLG Series led driver
●Luminous efficiency: 110-125 lm/w
●Nichia 3030 & Philips 3030 , Ra> 80; LM80 standard
●Unique designed UFO shape , lighter and smaller

Warehouse; industrial production workshop; pavilion; stadium; the train

station; shopping malls; gas stations and other indoor lighting

The features of led street light

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1).Adopting high-power LED as light source. Energy-saving, environment protecting and long life.

2). 5mm toughened transparent glass, high temperature resisting, easy for lights penetration, transmittance as hight as 92%.

3).The radiator adopts Aluminium alloy with high thermal coefficient, Lamp surface adopts oxidation technology, corrosion-resistance and ensure the radiating.

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Any Big Difference Between Home And Commercial LED Lights

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The types of LED bulbs available for use in businesses aren't much different than those designed for home use. Home and commercial LED lights work on the same principle: they contain a chip that glows when electrical power is applied. The size of the bulb, its intended use and application all determine where it is best used.

Energy Star Ratings

The energy star program was conceived to help people better understand their energy conservation options. The rating has come to symbolize a certain standard of quality. LED bulbs, commercial or domestic, are still in their early stages, and looking for products that are energy star approved may help reduce the occurrence of difficulties with poorly manufactured josun

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Learn How LED Lighting Can Save Energy, Money & The Environment

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Saving energy, money and the environment are at the forefront of everyone's mind. With the technological advancements that have been made with energy efficient lighting, such as Solid State Lighting, for both interior and exterior applications, this is one area that can have a positive impact on not only the environment but also to your bottom line. Couple these wants with the need to have effective landscape lighting, Outdoor LED Spotlights are an ideal choice for any home or business.

First discovered in 1907 by H. J. Round but it was not until 1962 when Nick Holonyak, Jr. produced the first visible light emitting diode. Since then, Solid State Lighting (SSL) which is better known as Light Emitting Diode (LED) has revolutionized the lighting industry and therefore is giving consumers a multitude of illumination options that are smaller, dimmable, energy efficient, long lasting, free of harmful materials such as mercury and lead, output UV or IR radiation, heatless and virtually maintenances free. The US department of Energy estimates that with the sole use of SSL bulbs and equipment that by 2030 there can be a total savings of 190 terawatt-hours of electricity or approximately $15 billion dollars saved each year.

LED Lights Advantages In The Commercial Setting

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Using LED in home or commercial settings is becoming much more common. No matter what kind of business you are in the bottom line is, well, the bottom line. To that end, and because they are environmentally friendly as well, you would do well to take a good look at LED lighting.

LEDs are taking Hold in Mining Endeavors

It may seem odd to think about a profession as old as mining leading the way in innovative lighting solutions, but it is. With an exceptional safety record, longevity and strength, LED bulbs are being employed in various settings. You will find LED lights illuminating caverns, being used for spot lights mounted on helmets and anywhere else where light is needed.

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