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LED Panel Light Indoor Application

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Led Tube in indoor lighting applications are at a preliminary stage, this is because the cost is too high lumen factor, for another, LED panel light too few types of indoor lighting, lighting designers suffer no choice, but Indoor lighting products are promoted to the obstacle. Think, LED panel light indoor lighting product development and promotion should focus on the following five areas:

1, products

Interior Lighting the traditional lamp can be called under various names, Led panel light, Led tube, Led spotlight, such as commercial lighting and the composition of the two major areas of home lighting, indoor lighting dominate the direction, but now applied to indoor lighting LED products is LEDtube, LED panel light floor tiles and other decorative lighting, other common traditional lighting LED light source applications are rare, but a huge potential market, no doubt, with the LED panel light to enhance light efficiency and lower prices, who first developed a series Led panel light products will come to occupy the market opportunities.

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Dead Reason Of LED Lights

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LED packaging companies, and LED lighting manufacturer will encounter LED light phenomenon died as LED engineers how to analyze and solve these problems?

LED die light mainly due to the following two

1) LED leakage current is too large PN junction failure, the LED lit the lamp is not lit, this situation will not affect the work of other LED lights.

2) LED lights internal connection lead is disconnected, resulting in LED current through produce dead lights, this will affect the normal work of the other LED lights.

How to prevent the LED die light?

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New LED Video Lighting is Now Affordable

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Led lighting for Video has been gaining popularity steadily over the past years. Videographers love led lighting for their cool lighting, low power and durability. The issue has been the quality of the light. How "true" a light is to its stated Temperature is measured in CRI (Color Rendering Index). Standard LED lighting often has a low CRI, sometimes as low as 70.

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Are you pick LED bulbs

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An LED bulb with an incandescent or energy-saving lamps, LED lights What are the advantages? Estimated that many consumers will say that energy efficiency and durability, energy-saving effect how? LED lights more durable? This problem is perhaps not every consumer can answer up.

With the huge demand of LED lights, the manufacturing costs continue to reduce the price of LED lights is also falling year by year, consumers how to choose the LED lights? What are some of misunderstanding it?

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