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An LED bulb with an incandescent or energy-saving lamps, LED lights What are the advantages? Estimated that many consumers will say that energy efficiency and durability, energy-saving effect how? LED lights more durable? This problem is perhaps not every consumer can answer up.

With the huge demand of LED lights, the manufacturing costs continue to reduce the price of LED lights is also falling year by year, consumers how to choose the LED lights? What are some of misunderstanding it?

Costs in 2015 fell to $ 1.5

With the continuous improvement of living standards and growing concern about the topic of energy and the environment, consumer demand for energy saving and environmental protection and healthy and comfortable life. Lighting more green energy, health, lighting products are becoming the mainstream of society; LED with its excellent performance in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency and life, its widespread use has become an inevitable trend. However, the higher the price will undoubtedly become the stumbling block of popular LED bulbs, LED bulbs, production can continue to improve, growing demand, declining manufacturing costs, industry expert analysis is expected in 2015, LED light bulb manufacturing costs will drop to about $ 1.5 .

According to Zhang Chao, the world's most famous LED chip maker NXP Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Lighting Product Marketing Manager, LED light bulbs from chips, LED components, radiators, and lampshades, the manufacturing costs have been high, LED component costs had accounted for more than 50% of the overall production efficiency, the proportion of the cost of the LED's Big Three has dropped to 1:1:1 is expected in 2015, LED products cost will be reduced to 2011 1/5. By then, the cost of each LED bulb will be reduced to $ 1.5.

Mercurial energy-saving LED concern

The reporter visited the market to see other brands such as Philips LED bulb price of about 90 yuan, the price of three lines of products is as low as 40 yuan. Compared to more than ten yuan first-line brand of energy-saving lamp, LED bulb price and sale price is still high above. In the interview, consumers said, has long wanted to replace the LED bulbs for the whole family, if the price is reduced to the current price level of energy-saving lamps, did not exist the need to consider the space.

In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, LED lights, there are many "special function". Zhang said the LED can adjust the color and brightness according to the demand, for example, you can change with the mood, so that the bedroom lights and sometimes yellow, sometimes green apple green, sometimes pink ... this is undoubtedly the immediate energy-saving lamp unparalleled. In addition, because the LED built-in controller chip, consumers can even achieve the operation of the wireless remote control home lighting, before going home early to open the living room lights? Only need to send an instruction on it, this kind of life experience is not far away. Industry joke, the popularity of LED lights, or gave birth to a new career home lighting atmosphere designer.


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